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  • Matheus Massing

    Matheus Massing

  • Robert Heath

    Robert Heath

  • Duygu Uygun-Tunc

    Duygu Uygun-Tunc

    Philosophy of science. Justification, truth & reliability; values; scientific method. https://twitter.com/uygun_tunc

  • Gopal Natarajan

    Gopal Natarajan

    Part time Writter and Full time Learner...

  • Soraj Hongladarom

    Soraj Hongladarom

    Professor of Philosophy at Chulalongkorn University

  • David Trull

    David Trull

    David Trull has worked as a fireworks salesman, forensic tax researcher, railroad logistician, teacher, songwriter, and musician.

  • Peter Sweeney

    Peter Sweeney

    Entrepreneur and inventor | 4 startups, 80+ patents | Writes on the science and philosophy of problem solving. Peter@ExplainableStartup.com | @petersweeney

  • Adel Abdulkader

    Adel Abdulkader

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